Retailers are making a positive impact

Don’t miss the food waste revolution

More than 35 retailers across 17 countries use Whywaste’s digital solutions to make it profitable to reduce waste. We provide a range of solutions such as date checking, dynamic pricing & mark downs, deli food safety, forecasting and production planning.

Some of the retailers using our solutions

Your one-stop-shop for reducing food waste

Let us help you make food waste reduction profitable

Software solutions

Our toolbox

Enabling hardware

You can get more from our tools by using our hardware solutions

Discount label printers

Our integrated discount printer allows mark down in just one click

Deli price card printers

Print price cards for your food counter in under 10 seconds

Electronic shelf labels

Our solutions are fully integrated with Pricer Electronic Shelf Labels

In store screen promotion

Our digital screen allow product promotion while also informing about food waste

Powered by artificial intelligence

Give your staff super human powers

Using advanced analytics and machine learning is all nice and dandy, however it only becomes useful when people are actually able to use it. Therefore we integrate it in our tools so it becomes super easy to use for your store colleagues. They might not even realise they are using it.


Decrease in food waste

Reducing food waste is key to winning in retail.


Decrease in food waste

Depending on the store size, of course, but stores save so much time going digital.


Big return on investment

It should be profitable to do good things.

So why Whywaste?

You'll get instant results, we promise

Retailers in more than 15 countries can attest that our solutions really work. Why? Because we understand food retail and have developed our solutions from the "bottom-up" starting with the experience of everyone working on the shop floor, so that it really help them in their day to day job.

Ready to get started with next-gen tech?

Many stores and chains are now deploying digital solutions. There is no time to waste. It doesn't matter if you are a large chain or a single store, it is very easy to get started and testing all or one of our solutions. We know you will love it - but why trust us? Test it for free and see it working in your environment.