Your Weekly Dose of Good News

Here we are again, another Monday morning! I write these stories from my home in Helsinki and there is a distinct chill in the morning air today. After the year we have had so far, there is something reassuring about the crisp autumnal feel to the start of the day.  I am of course bias as it is my favourite time of year, when the leaves turn from green to a multitude of warming shades.
It is with this warmth I am delighted to bring you this weeks selection of good news from the world of sustainable business. What ever you have planned this week, we at Whywaste hope that you have a joyful and wonderful week ahead.

Olio secure Tesco Rollout 

We start with the absolutely amazing news that our friends and fellow UK Coalition on Food Waste, Olio, have landed a full scale roll-out with UK retail giant Tesco. Which is incredible news for the future of food waste prevention in the UK and hopefully globally.

From Whywaste's point of view, we are proud to be standing with Olio and Karma,  to take an holistic end-to-end approach to Food Waste in UK grocery retail. The aim of which is to make it simpler, easier and generally more productive for retailers to do more in countering food waste. All of Whywaste is proud to work closely on this project and will continue to push a 'no food to landfill' agenda in UK retail. (Be sure to check out the article in The Grocer for more on this).

(Full story on Olio's announcement available in the UK Guardian here)


Return of Hong Kong's rare Dolphins

One consequence of the Corona virus pandemic is that wildlife is making a return, due to less human activity in certain areas. One such return is of the rare Chinese White Dolphin to the waters off Hong Kong. With boat traffic drastically reduced sightings of these threatened species is up 30%.

Why not brighten up your Monday by taking a look at these charismatic creatures here.


Out of the fire...

It’s hard to imagine that the infernos burning in the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges in California and Oregon would be good for anything—but for the native black-backed woodpecker it’s the best of times, and necessary for them to continue their transformative practices on the forest. By drilling holes in the trees this creates a perfect shelter for millions of insects to hide from the flames. While the fires are indeed a devastating consequence of global warming, this store encapsulates the resilience of nature.

More here 

High Flying Renewable Energy

Earlier this month, KiteKRAFT, a German based CleanTech start-up, hit a major milestone with a 7-foot kite prototype, completing its first figure-8 flight, the motion that will provide the system’s wind power.

The kite has small onboard spinning wind turbines, which are essentially act like regular blade tips. It does not need a tower made of hundreds of tons of concrete and steel or a foundation to hold those blade tips in the air, but instead uses smart algorithms to find the best location in mid-air. The system will dramatically reduce the costs, materials and negative environmental impact that comes from static wind-turbines.

More here 

Australian Indigenous Conservation takes a Step Forward

In a major milestone for Australian native-species conservation, the Mallee Cliffs National Park (NSW), has been declared feral predator free. This means that non-native and introduced species such as cats and foxes are no longer presence in the vast expanse of Australian wilderness. In practice this is superb news for the local wildlife which has been decimated by these invasive species.

Hopefully this success is replicated and Australian re-wilding can continue across the continent.

More here

These are just a small section of the good news stories from across the globe this week. We hope that they bring a smile to your face and invigorate you to have a fantastic week.

Have a great Monday,

Love the Whywaste Team