Whywaste signs framework agreement with Coop Sweden

Coop Sweden takes another step towards a sustainable future and, as the first nationwide chain, signs a framework agreement with Whywaste.

Coop's goal is to be at the forefront of sustainability, we are therefore extra proud that they have decided to cooperate with us.

Louise König, Coop's Sustainability Manager, says: "Coop's ambition is to reduce its food waste in multiple stages, together with supplier, in store and inspire our customers and members. Whywaste provides a store solution where Coop can save money, time and reduce food waste. They work with expiration date management through intelligent technology that delivers visible results directly on store level."

Food waste in stores is usually due to products passing their expiration dates. We at Whywaste have a solution to this, namely the Semafor app, which identifies the products that are likely to pass their expiration date. These products can be identified in time and then marked down, cooked or donated for charitable purposes, instead of being thrown away. In Coop Väst, several stores have already tested Semafor, which has yielded successful results.

"It's great that we have reached this agreement with Coop, who are really at the forefront when it comes to sustainability. We have a good support organization that supports the stores in their work of reducing food waste and look forward to working with as many stores as possible." says Kristoffer Hagstedt, CEO and co-founder of Whywaste.

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