Whywaste helps grocery store reduce annual food waste by € 78,000

Recently, Sweden’s largest food industry magazine, icanyheter, published an article about food waste and presented the players working to reduce it. Among the presented organizations and companies were Whywaste.

Besides briefly introducing the different players and what they do, icanyheter wrote an in-depth article about Whywaste’s collaboration with ICA Kvantum Landvetter. Last year, the store managed to reduce its food waste by € 78,000 on an annual basis, partly by using Whywaste’s digital solutions.

Martin Ekman, store owner at ICA Kvantum Landvetter explains that Whywaste’s solution ”is a tool that saves both time and money”. The system helps the staff to efficiently identify products that are approaching their last sellable date, so that they can be marked down and sold instead of thrown away.

At Whywaste, we are of course both happy and proud to have contributed to ICA Kvantum Landvetter’s significant waste reduction. At the same time, we want to take this opportunity to highlight the commitment, drive and environmental focus that Martin, Reine and their colleagues at ICA Kvantum Landvetter continues to show.

Reducing food waste is an effort that requires a strong commitment from both store personnel and leadership, something that ICA Kvantum Landvetter manages exceptionally well. We at Whywaste want to congratulate you for doing a great job.

The article was featured in icanyheter issue 17 from 2017.